Changed thinking changes the paradigm of Liposuction.
The first introduction of TWO DOCTOR SYSTEM in Korea - 'TwoDoc Liposuction'

Welcome to ‘Slim Korea Lipidosuction Network’ website.
We, Slim Korea, undergo joint study and discuss with nationwide hospitals to share the various information for better Lipidosuction results. At the same time, by introducing the TWO DOCTOR SYSTEM for the first time in Korea, we guarantee the safer and more favorable treatment results with reducing the long operation time remarkably, which was the worst weak point of early Lipidosuction.

With the purpose to provide the best authority and information related with Lipidosuction in Korea, we open the on-line community site entitled with ‘Slim Korea Lipidosuction Network’ so that we promise to be the essential site for our members with the continuous information update as well as activation of communication.

We believe that the differentiated and systemized on/off-line service will secure the competitiveness of customer satisfaction and we promise that we will be another family of yours who assists your troubles and problems.

We, Slim Korea Lipidosuction Network, were awarded a Grand Prize of Korea Global Medical Service in the field of Lipidosuction/graft plastic surgery in March, 2008.

We, Slim Korea liposuction Network, were awarded a Grand Prize of Korea Global Medical Service in the field of liposuction/graft plastic surgery in March, 2008.

Slim Korea is a liposuction network of doctors who provide a slim, shapely figure formed to associate, discuss and share different information. Our motto is ‘4S’, which means ‘Speedy’, ‘Safe’, ‘Sweet, and ‘Smooth line’. We try our best to consider not only partial shape correction but also the proportion of an overall figure.

We introduced Two Doctor System for the first time in Korea, which enables those who are ‘morbidly obese’ to get massive liposuction in dramatically less time so that safer and more effective surgery can be guaranteed.(The most serious disadvantage of liposuction is that it takes much time.)

Two Doctor System is a consultative operation in which two doctors who continue doing Clinical studies perform the surgery together to minimize its disadvantages and maximize its advantages. One of the advantages is that the doctors can perform liposuction exquisitely while considering the overall stability of the figure rather than focusing on partial operation. Furthermore, the system helps doctors not to get too exhausted to finish liposuction, so patients are much less likely to suffer the yo-yo effect after the surgery. It also uses conscious sedation which is safe so that patients can feel comfortable and little pain during the operation.

Two Doctor System takes more or less one hour to perform liposuction for removing 3000 ml pure fat. On the very next day of the procedure it is possible to do light daily activities, so workers can make a great figure over a weekend.

Most often, liposuction is performed on the torso(upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and waist), the upper limbs(shoulders, arms, armpits, and flanks), and the lower limbs(hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees). These parts can be operated on at a time for overall proportion. As for the face, under the chin, breasts, calves, they are the parts that need a microscopic procedure and skin contraction, so we use laser and microcannula to perform a sophisticated, effective cosmetic procedure.

Slim Korea places the joy and benefit of clients ahead of anything with systematic, distinctive services and by practicing the love for clients. We hold a meeting and a seminar every week to discuss and study new procedures which have proved to be safer and simpler. We have aspiration and vision to make ‘Slim Korea’ a famous brand for liposuction in and out of Korea.


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