• Liposuction is only safe when the duration of operation is short.
    Average duration of operation in SlimKorea is 1 to 1.5 hours. For this reason, the SlimKorea operation is safe and after surgery recovery is quick.
  • Liposuction is a highly energy consuming surgical procedure.
    This is especially so ina large volume liposuction cases. Tired Surgeon can not give the patient their best.
  • Paying attention to every detail is the essential aspect of successful adm safisfying cosmetic outcome in liposuction.
    2-doc system reduces doctor's energy consumption, so that they can spend more time on paying attention to the details.
  • There is no technology better than the doctor's eyes.
    "2 brain is better than 1" : having 2-docs, we can further reinforce the operative plan and eo ensure better cosmetic outcome. We believe that the outcome following liposuction is entirely dependent on the doctor's experience and knowledge, rather than machines.
  1. Why SlimKorea
  2. 2-Doc-System
  3. Indications
  4. Various Techniques
  5. Anaesthesia
  6. The Procedure
  7. Pre-Op-Instruction
  8. Post-Op-Instruction
  9. Oversea Patients