SlimKorea® was founded in 2006 as a small group of dedicated cosmetic surgeons with single interest in the advancement of liposuction and body contouring surgery in Korea. These surgeons shared a common goal of introducing and adopting a systematic and evidence based approach to Asian liposuction procedure, as well as fostering new techniques that clinically translates into a satisfying cosmetic outcome. After successive meetings, some of the best minds in Korean liposuction merged to form SlimKorea® Liposuction Network” in 2008.
Today, SlimKorea® is one of the largest and highly respected brand in liposuction surgery in Korea as the result of excellence in the standard they pursuit. There are over 10 SlimKorea® Liposuction Network Centers within Korea with now branches in China, South East Asia and Australia.
  • Provision of individualised and customised services.
  • Absolute highest standard of care.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable and well-informed at every stage of the procedure.
  • Provision of services that have been shown to be clinically effective and proven with good track record.
  • Applications of Latest advancements in technologies and techniques. to improve the success and satisfaction.
  • Enormous experience in liposuction and body contouring surgery in Asians.
  • High quality service at a competitive price.
  • “Korean Global Medical Service Award” Award Winning Service.
SlimKorea® Liposuction Network is a dedicated Centre of Excellence in Asian liposuction and body contouring surgery with a huge interests and involvements in community based skin cancer awareness programs, providing training and teaching sessions to other doctors, and provide clinical support to other doctors for their patient's body contour concerns.
SlimKorea® has grown beyond serving Korean national patients and their physicians - we have become a resource to many doctors practicing throughout Asia and beyond. We welcome you to spend a few moments browsing this site to learn about our experience, philosophy, and how we can serve you, your family member and friends.
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