The treated area will be swollen, sore, bruised, appear irregular, and there will be significant amount of discharges from the liposuction holes in the first night.
  • Skin irregularity: All patients will feel some skin irregularities but this usually improves with time.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Feeling of skin sensitivity and discomfort can last few weeks, but eventually they do resolve spontaneously.
  • Discharge: The volume of discharge will continue to slow down over the next few days and the discharge should completely stop at around 3-4 day mark but can last for few more days in some patients.
  • Pain: Usually minimal over the first night but it is usually worse the next day.
  • Swelling: Individual variations but usually minimal. In patients who are older and has a delicate/thin skin, there appear to be more swelling. Sometimes, the swelling becomes rather intense and appear bright red (like strawberry colour). Swelling will gradually subside over the next few weeks and final shape seen around 6-12 weeks. The skin becomes hard in some people especially in the lower abdomen, but this usually softens and retracts in the next few weeks.
  • Bruising: Individual variations but usually minimal. There appear to be more bruising in patients who are older and has a delicate/thin skin. This will usually improve in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Vomiting and feeling lethargic: this is not common but does occur in some patients. It is usually due to the medications given for twilight sedation. This does improve within the first 24 hours. We do recommend that you have light meals and drink plentry of small amounts of fluid regularly during the first 24 hours.
Great Majority of our patients recover with minimal discomfort. They are usually able to return to work within 2-3 days on light duties and back to usual routines in 7-10 days.
  • Drainage of blood stained fluid in the first few hours and overnight is normal through the key holes. Key holes are left open and not sutured to allow this drainage - allowing the drainage improves the recovery. Wound becomes scabby due to dried blood. This needs to be cleansed and scabs removed using cotton buds and peroxide antiseptic solution. See below for wound care instructions.
  • Treated area and the keyholes can be itchy and red as the wound is healing.
  • Can have shower on the same day. Please remove the garment for the shower and allow the water to irrigate the wound.
  • Do not have bath. After shower, please follow the wound care instruction, below.
  • Cleanse the wound using hydrogen peroxide solution and cotton bud.
  • Dry the wound well either using the dry gauze provided and/or use blow dryer.
  • Apply Chlorsig ointment (antibiotic ointment).
  • Place the gauze on top of keyholes and hold it in place using tape.
  • Apply the garment on immediately.
  • Wound may need to be cleansed and the gauzes changed several times during the first 24 hours. The frequency of dressing change will reduce quickly as the drainage reduces with time.
  • The garment you are wearing is specially designed to apply a certain amount of external compression. This is important as it facilitates the discharge of fluids, maintains adequate compression and reduces the post operative swelling.
  • You need to wear garment for 4- 6 weeks.
  • First 2 weeks, 24 hours a day except when you are having a shower. You may leave it off while washing it.
  • After 2 weeks, only during the day and take off at night when sleeping.
    While the wound is leaking, your pillow and bed cover may get soiled. It is best to place a cover for 1-2 days.
  • Have a light meal on the day of the surgery as you may feel nausea due to the effect of the medications used for sedation.
  • Normal meals from the same day or the following day, as tolerated.
  • Aim to drink as much fluid as possible to avoid dehydration. This is important.
  • Daily activities immediately, as possible, but don't push yourself.
  • Although you may be in discomfort, you should not be bed ridden. Try to mobilise as much as possible, such as going for a short walk (even 5 minutes) as this will encourage quicker recovery.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes walk every day during the recovery.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 2 weeks.
  • ANTIBIOTICS: Takes antibiotics (IBILEX), two capsules twice a day for 5 days. This is a good precautionary routine.
  • ANALGESIA: Take Regular Paracetamol 2 tablets 4 times a day for 3 days.
  • If this is not enough, take Codalgin Forte (aka Panadeine Forte) instead of Panadol. Maximum of 8 tablets per day.
  • It is always best to control the pain before it peaks.
  • Within the first 24 hours, please contact us to notify how you are going. This is to ensure that all is well and to answer any of the concerns you may have.
  • 1 week
  • 3 months – to check the final result.
    3 months for the swelling to completely settle and your body shape is finalised. Sometimes, can take longer, especially in a more complex or in a revision surgery.
    You will be given a 24 hour direct mobile phone number to contact, should you have any questions or concerns after the surgery.
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