This what happens in a typical liposuction procedure
  • You will be greeted by the surgeon & the team (nurse, assistants)
  • You will be undressed and changed into operation clothes
  • Your operation design will be marked on your skin
  • Your essential vitals will be measured - heart rate, blood pressure etc
  • You will be escorted to the theatre
  • You will be given sedation medication
  • You will be cleansed with antiseptics
  • Sedation level will be checked and appropriately maintained using clinical judgements and monitoring instruments
  • Few keyholes will be made to allow entry of the cannula
  • Local anaesthesia will be injected
  • Liposuction will be performed in stages, in sequence, with a deliberate intention to shape your desired body shape
  • Doctor may ask you to assist by moving your body to facilitate the fat removal
  • Most of the procedure, you will not remember, due to the effect of sedatives
  • At the end of the procedure, the doctor will assess your shape and conclude the liposuction when satisfied
  • Cleasing, application of dressings, and tight garments +/- Compression bandages will be applied
  • You will be escorted to the recovery area
  • Given some drink and food
  • Given post operative instructions and follow up appointments
  • Final check on vitals
  • Discharged home with the carer
You will be given a 24 hour phone number should there be any concerns and for peace of mind.
  1. Why SlimKorea
  2. 2-Doc-System
  3. Indications
  4. Various Techniques
  5. Anaesthesia
  6. The Procedure
  7. Pre-Op-Instruction
  8. Post-Op-Instruction
  9. Oversea Patients