There is no such thing as the single best technique and single best machine when it comes to liposuction.
Liposuction is an Art of body sculpting and liposurgeon is a Sculptor. Good Sculptor requires certain instruments, certain basic techniques & most importantly artistic impression and vision.
    The surgeon requires a clear vision of what constitutes a beautiful figure and closely discuss the shape of the body the patient desires. With this clear artistic goal, then the surgeon will create an operation plan to create this shape.
    Liposuction machine & cannulas and its connections are essential instruments in sculpting your body.
There are numerous techniques available to remove the fat. It is essential that these various techniques are used in combination and tailored to the patient's uinique and individual anatomy, so that a beautiful shape is created.
    For example in a patient's abdomen with:
  • Dense and thick surface layer of fat
  • Loose deeper layer of fat
  • Loose skin
    Technique should be:
  • Intense superficial liposuction - to facilitate and induce the loose skin.
  • Mild to moderate deep layer liposuction - as over liposuction of deep layer will further induce the skin sag.
  • Anti-gravitational ventor strokes - to induce skin retraction in an anti-gravitational direction to improve the shaping.
  • Fat grafting - to specific less-volume areas to volumise and to enhance the overall body contour, in harmony.
Well, considering all these factors and of course more variables in each patient is something that we do well.
    Having all the right techniques, aesthetic goal and appropriate instruments are essential but what if your surgeon is so tired after intense liposuction after first 60 minutes. Our unique 2-Doc system will ensure that your primary surgeon is fit to ensure that your aesthetic goals are met.
There are so many different machines in the market, and when clinics uses these machines for their marketing, it is not easy for patient's to decide "what is what?" and "what for??".
    Suction Assisted Liposuction. This is the most standard method of performing liposuction. Cannula is attached to the vacuum generator and as it is stroked forwards and backwards in the subcutaneous fat, it aspirate the fat. More than 95% of liposuction can be successfully and satisfactorily performed using this technique and for this reason, this technique is the most popular in the world. Some of the best in the world, including the inventor of liposuction still uses this technique, and so do we in SlimKorea. Why use additional technlogies that can produce additional injury to the body when it is not necessary??. Laser, ultrasound, radiofrequency liposuction technologies can produce additional tissue injuries and these have all been implicated in causing skin burns and permanent scarring that have produced unsatisfactory complications.
    Laser/Ultrasound/Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction. On top of using suction to remove the fat, these technologies uses additional technologies to facialitate the fat removal easier by meltiing it first. It also claims that it produces additional skin retraction. Well, in certain minority of liposuction cases, these additional technologies can produce better outcome but in majority of cases, they do no better.
    In these minority of cases, we at SlimKorea also use these additional technologies but not in every case. The additional body injury caused by the laser/ultrasound/radiofrequency technologies over and above the suction only liposuction can also cause additinoal injuries and complications.
As a good lipo-surgeon, we do consider both pros and cons of using these technologies in the interets of our patients. And most importantly, for an optimal outcome, good surgical techniques, artistic & realistic goal and a fit and energetic surgeon is the prime importance.
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