SlimKorea's unique and specialised approach to a wholistic enhancement of body contouring, its basis on sound cosmetic surgical principles, and benchmarking standards in the patient care and in the quality of the service they provide are the key elements why our patients choose us. In brief description:
Operator must be freed from "tiredness", should he be able to pay attention to the details so that he can create a satisfying body shape. having a 2 experience slimkorea surgeons working side by side reduces oeprators energy consumption hence provide better attention to the detaisl that requires a perfect "body sculpture". We provide this excellent service, 2 doc system, at no extra cost, as we care.
  1. Why SlimKorea
  2. 2-Doc-System
  3. Indications
  4. Various Techniques
  5. Anaesthesia
  6. The Procedure
  7. Pre-Op-Instruction
  8. Post-Op-Instruction
  9. Oversea Patients